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The Clemson Consulting Group is pleased to announce the addition of Process Innovators-PI to the team. Process Innovators-PI provides clients with a strong value proposition that will significantly improve their bottom line. In today’s new norm of supply chain and labor shortages, yield improvement becomes a valuable tool to help solve these new challenges. Process Innovators lead by Ken Tredinnick with support from Dr. Lori Tribble Trudell and the rest of the Clemson Consulting team is prepared to provide you with cost savings recommendations.

Your Profit is our Business

At process innovators, we strive to better connect our engineering expertise, with the goals of your business. Through helping design efficient machines, updating and streamlining existing systems, and conducting detailed financial analysis of production systems, we aim to help ensure your production systems are operating at their max potential. Process Innovators offers uniquely qualified systems to improve profits in all of these areas.

Our Business is Your Profit

Utilizing our combined 90+ years of engineering experience, we offer an array of technical services to better streamline production.
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
In-Plant Technical Support
Process Consulting
Value Engingeering
Process Innovator Testimonies
Mark Prashek - Former Senior Manufacturing Engineer, 3M
"Ken had the ability to assess, collect data, understand, and then to redesign these mechanical threats. In one example within extreme budget constraints, he was able to reduce the changeover time of one machine from 8 hours to 20 minutes.”
Bill Lennard - Former Program Manager, Procter and Gamble
"Ken was assigned the task of developing a new manufacturing process for making the cores for Pampers diapers. Using his strong skills in mechanical design and aerodynamics, Ken led the successful development of this new  process. This process was installed on diaper lines around the world and proved critical to the success of the biggest project in P&G history up to that point.”
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